"Let us be
your guide in
the world of IT"


Vegvísir IT

Company page made for Vegvísir IT. The site was built with maintainability in mind. Features a small gallery for my projects, contact page with form and general information about my…

BBC Helios KwadrO Zottegem

The people at BBC Helios KwadrO Zottegem asked me to bring their old website (online in its last incarnation since 2008) into the year 2017. The backend is a completely custom…

ILIAS Solutions

ILIAS Solutions delivers a commercial off-the-shelf software suite to support military commanders in doing more with less. The platform covers the entire armed forces value chain. It aligns operations and…

Vegvísir IT 2.0

After an initial attempt at a company website back in 2017, I decided to team up with Heike De Nil from Lemon Graphics to bring the site visually into the present. A…



Software Consulting

java - oracle forms - oracle
PL/SQLAngular - javascript development
Web development

IT Consulting

Team lead - Coaching
Scrum master


Vegvísir IT is a one-man IT company, located in the Pays des Collines, Belgium.
A Vegvísir (Icelandic for 'sign post') is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find his/her way
through rough weather.

It is my mission to guide you through the complex world of IT and to act as a steady compass.
Wether it be on the world wide web or in a professional environment as a developer or a team lead, I am
resourceful and motivated to help you out.


Chaussée de Renaix 147A
B-7912 Dergneau

Vegvísir IT runs on CouchCMS.